Short Street - Activities


Date: 13th and 14th November

Time: 9.30am to 1pm

You are cordially invited to the Literary Fest to celebrate Children’s Day’ with a spirit of creative indulgence and free metaphoric thinking.

We are now ready to dive into the enchanting world of stories written by our children.

For the fest all entries (Books, timelines compiled illustrations) must be submitted in school between 8th and 10th of November. Each entry must carry the child’s name, postcard sized photograph pasted on an empty card. The books with the young author’s name and photograph will be displayed for viewing.

Achievement Award certificates will be presented to the aspiring writers.

A wide collection of books with learning materials will also be on display for you in our garden.

Looking forward to seeing you in our school.

1 Short Street

Team Mongrace

At Mongrace, various activities are regularly organized to provide an interesting environment where children experience, learn and progress.
Given below is a list of some of the major activities that are regularly held in Mongrace:
  • Annual Exhibition (Montessori Apparatus Display Project Work)
  • Picnic
  • Sports
  • Rabindra Jayanti
  • Summer Camp
  • Independence Day
  • Magic Show
  • Fancy Dress Show
  • Teachers Day
  • Christmas Party
Please click on the link below to view the Photo Albums and Videos of the various activities that are done in Mongrace Short Street.
Events in our School Calendar 2022 -23
  • Summer Camp (May)
  • Intraschool Football fest (July)
  • Independence Day celebrations:Marching to a patriotic beat (August)
  • Teachers’Day Celebrations (September)
  • Celebrating Grandparents Day witha musical morning forGrandparents (September)
  • Literary Fest- STORYLAND (November)
• Children’s Day: Treasure hunt on Treasure Island with Captain Flint and Jim Hawkins
• Christmas Carol Evening with Annual Fund Raising on Thanksgiving (an event to help theunderprivileged children of artisans of Bengal)
• Montessori and Art Exhibition 
• Sports
• Nabanna Earth Weekend
• Graduation Ceremony
Art works of our children - Christmas Colours

Mongrace Literary Fest 2021